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I was active in the 1990's, when the US Attorney General was on television painting us all up as a bunch of homicidal nutjobs. I got worried about that. Costas? Nah.
By your admission, you don't watch football. Costas isn't just another analyst, he is considered one of the top announcers. He isn't preaching to a handful of followers who hang on his every word, he is preaching his slanted views to tens of millions of viewers. These viewers also vote. If Costas uses his anti-gun stance to persuade the people to vote out the ability to bear arms, you will then understand how powerful his words are.

I swear, if people devoted 1% of the attention they spend on sport to politics, this country would be a better place.
This may be true but the fact is our country loves their football. Tens of millions of viewers watch SNF and respect Costas for his place in football. If Walter Cronkite got on the Sunday night news andsaid the same things, you would stand up and take notice. Yes, Cronkite. Costas and SNF has that big of an audience. Just because you don't watch doesn't mean his words fell on deaf ears. Tens of millions of people heard him. They also vote. Those facts deserve more than a shrug and yawn. This was a huge blow to the people who respect the gun rights in this country. Tens of millions of people heard him. Where else do you get such a captive audience?
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