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Not easy

First, considering your stated use. For target work at 600-800 yards only, I prefer a fixed power scope. Somewhere around 24x to 36x. That said, there are plenty available at or below your price range.

As has already been stated, for strictly paper target work at range I see no advantage for a mil dot reticule. Primarily because, unlike a sniper dealing with time available to shoot and wind/moving targets, your paper will sit still and wind/elevation adjustments can be determined without a time worry. Mil dots are great for human sized targets. Very fine X-hairs at 600 yards are helpful with center x ring aiming.

I will qualify these responses with the statement that I have never consistently shot at a paper target at 600-800 yards. I have done it several times by accident. Paper targets for me have occasionally been placed at 400 yards and rarely at 500. Except for the highest power I had on whatever variable power scope I was using, a variable power scope was useless.
Where it was useful was for finding targets, varmints like ground squirrels, with the lower power-wider field of view advantage. Time to shoot starts to become a concern with any live target. Once you find it on low power you can crank it up to whatever you feel comfortable with to take a shot.

Scope power does not always make for a good shot. High scope power allows your eye to see how much your rifle is moving around the target 6-800 yards away.. Once you pull the trigger and the projectile leaves the end of the barrel, everything that has been done for the rifle and the ammunition is done. How much the rifle was off or moving when the shot went off will make the difference between good and not so good..
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