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Originally Posted by Metal God
What we like to do is one guy go out and set a target up at a unknown distance to the shooter . It is then up to the shooter to hit it with a little help from a spotter calling wind and what not. Thats also why I want the FF scope . I want to be able to figure out the distance no matter what magnification Im on.
Copy that... I've played that game myself. I'd probably go for a FFP too. You can still range with a SFP on mags other than the "specified" mag, it just takes some familiarization and practice with the particular scope... and maybe a dope card or dope app if you're a fancy smart phone guy.
As long as you understand that the reticle you're interested in is not very precise, or should I say not as precise as the "fine crosshair" 4runnerman mentioned... or a high end 1/16th MOA dot/cross.

Ah well, with scopes, you can't have all your favorite eggs in one basket, so you get what will offer you most benefit.

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