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Bob Costas comments about NFL murder suicide

Watching an NFL game tonight, I just saw Bob Costas politicize the Jovan Belcher murder and suicide. Basically, he said that if Jovan Belcher did not have a gun, he and his girlfriend would still be alive. Costas blamed the "gun culture".

Of course, Jovan would have found another way to hurt or kill his girlfriend. It's about domestic violence, not gun control. In any case, it is not his place to make comments like this during an NFL game. That's not what I want to listen to while watching football.

I sent e-mails to NBC executives, commenting that Bob Costas has certainly lowered his value to both NBC and to the tens of millions of American gun owners who vehemently disagree with his comments, and with his use of this tragedy to advance his personal agenda.

Here are some e-mail addresses if you would like to send your comments to some executives at NBC Universal:

Brian Steel
Senior Vice President, Public Relations, CNBC
[email protected]

Greg Hughes
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
NBC Sports Group
[email protected]

Adam Miller, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs
[email protected]

John Kelley
Senior Vice President, Pro-Social and Diversity Initiatives
[email protected]
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