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While I don't have anything against polymer frames, I've yet to come across a polymer-framed gun that could fit my needs/wants better than a steel-framed gun could. Weight is not a huge concern to me as I believe in using a quality holster and belt, I don't see polymer offering a huge advantage in corrosion resistance over a stainless steel gun, and all the polymer guns I'd be interested in cost as much or more than a steel gun of comparable quality.

What I really don't care for, however, are striker-fired guns because I've never found one that had as smooth and/or crisp a trigger as I can find on a hammer-fired gun. While it's true that some are better than others, in my experience they still range from just OK (Walther PPQ) to kind of gritty (Glocks) to a mile of grit and sand (CZ-100).
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