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Us older bullseye guys throw out anything that can't hold 2", 10shot groups at 50yds.
What off-the-shelf centerfire semi-autos, regardless of type of trigger action or frame material do you find that are able to meet that accuracy spec?

I read a lot of reviews, including ones of very expensive, metal-framed handguns fired from machine rests, and offhand, I don't recall reading about any off-the-shelf centerfire semi-autos that meet that spec.

What I'm getting at is that if you have a pistol that will shoot 10 shots into 2" at 50 yards then it's safe to say that it didn't shoot like that out of the box and also that the things that make it so accurate have little to do with the frame material.

Which means that if you're going to denigrate plastic framed pistols for not being able to hold 2" ten shot groups at 50 yards, that same negativity applies to any off-the-shelf pistol, regardless of frame material.
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