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Good replies and POV's... gets me thinking about it.

first, agree 100% shoot whats most accurate and reliable above all. To clarify, my original question is not about 'stopping power'. (my sentiments about that term are the same as fastbolts...)

Originally Posted by Buzzcook
Penetration and expansion are similar across a broad range of bullets. Worry about that later.
I think my post is regarding that 'later' part..

I will admit I don't target shoot as much as I should, or would like... would no way compare to many members here in this forum, ammo is expensive. But I have owned guns all my life and have no need to play with newer designs etc.... ok, I really want the new Sig P938, but that sort of thing does not happen much . What I own I have owned each one very long times and am the original owner. They are name brand, reliable, and I have been able to shoot accurately with them for years. I have put many different ammo brands thru them with varying bullet types and no jams.

So with regard to Buzzcook's statement help me learn more. Is penetration and expansion similar across a broad range of velocities or [muzzle] energies?
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