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I am just starting also but found this . There is a thread on this page about the powerfactor show also. I learned quite a bit from watching a couple of their webcasts.

The other day I did the firing cycle/draw/reload drill and the strong hand/weak hand practice from that training program and saw decent improvement. My goal is by the end of this season to be placing in the upper middle of the pack at club level.

Just a suggestion from another beginner but if it is in the budget buy a timer for your practice sessions. One of my big issues the first couple of matches was when the timer went off my brain just froze and did a data dump. I even use the timer on my dry fire drills now and stop the time by tapping the timer. That beep is not as intimidation as it was and as someone said in a article I read if you can't measure it you cant improve it. Good luck
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