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When I started, loading on a single stage bolted to a 2x6 strapped to an end table, loading .357 Magnum and weighing every charge, I figured 50 per hour was pretty good. I was able to maintain that pace pretty consistently.

I used two loading blocks and did 50 at a time, moving the whole batch from one block to the other as each step was completed.

After priming, all cases were bottom up. After charging with powder, all cases were rightside up and I took the block over to a bright lamp and inspected the powder depths for uniformity.

I never tried to go much faster than that. One box per hour was a nice round number.

I did habitually steady the press with one hand while operating the lever with the other. If you are doing the same, you may be able to speed things up (safely) by anchoring your workbench with weight or by bolting it to a plank on the floor with your chair on the other end of the plank. That should anchor everything.

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