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Wow! I cannot believe how helpful you folks are. Not just to me, but to others as well. In the past 24 hours, this post moved down at least 20 or 30 places! Great group, and I do thank you!

Mehavey - I measured the width right at the end of the case and got .473. If that is out of the ballpark, would cranking down my crimper die about another 1/4 turn help?

DASHZNT - I had made a dummy round earlier as I was setting the initial depth, and yes, it drops right in. Just like a factory round. I've got no problem going through the regimen of working my way up with the powder. Matter of fact I'll enjoy doing it!

RC20 - I ordered the Hornady book and will study it thoroughly. The Lee book, of course, does not have specific specs for the XTP with different powders, just for "230 grain Jacketed Bullet."

rg1 - Thanks for that information, Common sense would have told be that hollow points would have a shorter oal than round nose. Appreciate your comment!

lee n. field - As I mentioned above, my crimp may be 3/1000ths wide, but when I drop it into the barrell, it drops in with no resistance whatever. I imagine that if it was too wide it might not ramp up properly, and I've got no problem with it on the ramp. In addition, it does not appear that the bullet is engaging the rifling at all.

All in all, folks, I can't thank you enough for all your help. I will reduce my load by 10% and increase the depth to an oal/COAL of 1.230. I'll do 5 rounds at that load, 5 rounds at a reduction of 7.5% and 5 rounds at a reduction of 2.5%. If the cases don't show any deformation or damage, I'll try the full load again at the new depth.

Best regards to you all!

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