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The first class my wife took, just the NRA basic pistol class, everyone in it used a revolver. My wife only owned an SP101 and, since she was using a revolver, I took the class with her using a SW 686.
Once she got into more advanced classes, where the round count was 300-500 for the day, a semi just made more sense. The classes seem designed around semis so she switched to an M&P9.
Only one other time have I taken a class where someone used a revolver and then it was a SW 625 set up for competition. I, personally, don't have enough speed loaders for a revolver only class but I've toyed with the idea anyway.
For just plain fun a Blackhawk in .45 Colt is hard to beat while a semi is more about business. When I'm concerned about people I carry a semi. When critters are the bigger concern, this is grizzly country, I carry a revolver.
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