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I believe I can get a Daniel Defense V3 (midlength) for $1375 out the door. Not the greatest price, but I think it is where we're at these days.

If I wanted to get a rifle that really tickled me in the low $1,000 range, I think I'd shoot for the DD.

That's certainly a consideration for me, but there is something very efficient and cool about snagging a proper AR on the cheap. Going to the WalMart and grabbing a gallon of milk, some socks, and an AR is hilarious and very cool.... and American!

IF the WW is as good as a colt with the exception of the weaker buffer tube (replaceable if it ends up being a problem), well, that's pretty sweet for the price.

The different twist rate forces you to shoot lighter bullets for accuracy in the WW. That might be a problem to some buyers.
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