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I've shot and owned several solid metal handguns and liked them over the years.

For less than a year I've owned a couple of plastic Glocks.

In that time.......

.....I've ran more rounds through them than any other pistol I've owned or shot.
.....shot more accurately than I would have ever believed.
.....shot more times without malfunctions than I would have ever believed.
.....actually enjoyed practice more (see above)
.....only cleaned them once or twice and have never had to oil the exterior once for corosion protection.
......liked how the grip is temperature neutral in weather extremes.
.....enjoyed how much lighter they are than a full sized "metal" gun while carrying.
.....gladly bought my wife one when her face lit up after shooting the first one we bought. (she used to CC and shoot a .38sp)
.....bought two great defensive pistols for the same price as one decent 1911.

Don't get me wrong, I would dearly love to own a 1911 for a high end six gun, but that would be placing "wants" in front of "needs" in my case.
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