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Brian I killed 14 deer with a bow. never took a shot over 15 yards in all of those. The one that made it the farthest bounded, took a couple of stutter steps, dropped, and kicked all over the place. Much to my dismay it went down in a huge bed of prickly pear cactus. Rifle, and hand gun most when hit their legs looked like the folded under them. I am not the great white hunter. Most of my shots have been at very close ranges of 30 yards or less.

A hand full of rifle shots have been around 100 yards, and my first deer I hit with a head shot at 200 yards with an old 1903 Springfield with iron sights. I was 7 the rifle was longer than I was tall. I wound up on my back with the rifle pointing at the sky. I am still surprised I hit the thing to this day. Bullet went in under the eye, and blew out the brain, and spine. I was aiming at the white star area. Never took a shot that long a white tail since.
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