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The bubble will pop like it has every where else.
And people will remember who gouged and who didn't. I'm aware of several local vendors who are indulging in some creative pricing based on whatever scare tactic is in vogue on any given week.

Now for some history. If you've ever compared MSRP to dealers' actual prices, you've seen a huge difference. It wasn't always like that.

Prior to the internet, dealers got MSRP for guns. They often got more. Margins were good, but guns were darned expensive. If you knew the lay of the land, you could possibly haggle a dealer down, but that was a real hassle.

For example, a dealer local to me at the time got $700-750 for standard Glock pistols (50-60% markup). I knew that price was high, but folks who weren't part of the gun culture didn't.

Guys at the gun shows could sell the guns for $650 and still turn a nice profit. As a result, people adopted the mentality that better deals were to be found there.

Then the internet happened, and it drove prices down. Nowadays, a brick-and-mortar shop gets markups around 10% on guns. There's a price floor, and there's no way vendors at gun shows can beat those prices.

As such, they get by with selling stuff you won't find in shops, or they rely on folks who still have the old mentality. Many are vendors selling off old stock they can't move in their shop due to unrealistic prices. Others are folks who know that peddling fear of the UNGUNBANOMG works on the uninformed.
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