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Well my point is the non mil-spec buffer tube, the 1 in 8 twist barrel, non f-marked sights and other things that are not the usual in the upper tier AR's. by no means am I a fan of the Colt, but I would take Colt's crappy customer service over the Windham AR that cuts corners (buffer tube..etc)

I personally would get a PSA, Spikes or such if on a budget. If not a DD,BCM,LMT,LaRue,Noveske, or my unicorn the HK MR556. Not to say all of these are perfect, but the really are Tier 1 AR's. Colt has earned it's place along side these too. I just have had a couple bad personal experiences with Colt (customer service related).

I have put over 300 rounds through two WW AR's, they work great and did not have a single issue. They remind me exactly of the pre Cerberus Bushmasters. Nothing wrong with them, they just don't offer a lot of the features the better AR's do.

I own a S&W M&P15, DDV4, and a CMMG(hybrid/Self built). Previously owned a Colt, two Bushmasters and a BCM. I have shot and used AR rifles for many years, and it kills me to recommend a Colt, but out of the WW basic model and the Colt 6920 (which has a chrome lined barrel) I reluctantly pick the Colt.
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