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Entire Life

My first experience was at 8 years old it was a Daisy lever action BB gun I got for my birthday. Then at 10 I received a Marlin model 60 .22 and at 12 my dad gave me his Remington 700 .243 which was his first deer rifle still in 1971. Still looks brand new. My family has always deer hunted so I have been exposed to guns my entire life but it wasn't until my grandfather passed away that I really appreciated what I had growing up. I can remember every time my grandfather would buy a gun he would call me to his house to look at it and shoot it. I can proudly say I now own about half of his gun collection he had a the time he passed which I hope to pass down to my 4 year old when SHE gets older. She is already asking for her own gun like daddies. Yeah this thread is a little sentimental.
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