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Well I fired off the rounds I made to test and they ran absolutely perfect!!!
The first 6 were the 8.9gr of Titegroup and then the 8.4gr of Titgroup thereafter. I probably should have done it the other way around but ai was anxious to blast the stronger stuff. All went well in both loads. There was signs of extreme pressure at all. They were also dead on accurate, my groups were nice and tight. And most importantly, the effictiveness of the XTP 300gr HP projectile speaks for itself!!!

Im pretty sure I can bump the load up to 9.2, but I say why bother?! I was very pleased with the results and I think im gonna stick with these. The primer situation is not an issue in my humble, yet extremely accurate opinion!! If they hurt the gun, they wouldnt make them. Secondly, I like them and am gonna stick with them for now but plan on working up a load with normal primers to reduce the amount of different components on my bench.

Following is the "magic" load that has worked for me.. I appreciate the input from everyone that has chimed in here and I have learned alot as well as was confused by some too, worth it all though... Thank You.

8.9 - 9.0gr Titegroup
CCI #350 Magnum Primer
Hornady XTP 300gr HP
OAL - 1.595" & Roll Crimp

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