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i used to go to gun shows for years, specifically the 80's and 90's. i got some very nice deals on some guns, ammo and accessories during that time. starting in the 2000's the prices started to go nuts, when you tried to bargin with a vendor they would all tell you about politics and how the world was going to hell and if you didn't like the price it would probably double by the next show. it was the economics of fear the were selling and people were in panic mode and were buying.

these days i refuse to pay $6 or more dollars for parking and $10 to $15 per person for admission just to find that the prices are higher than my local cabelas or sportsmans warehouse selling for, hell even walmart is selling "black rifles" these days. gun shows are pricing themselves out of business and they have no one to blame but themselves.
ya only got 1 arm and ya carry 3 guns for Christs sake. Well I don't want to get killed for lack of shooting back.
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