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rusted up cobray pm11 project

a regular customer came into the pawnshop i work at and told me about some rusted up gun he had laying on the floor of his garage. i told him the shop would not be interested but I might.

a few days later he comes in with a completely rusted up cobray pm11. the bolt was stuck at the halfway markand all the sights and trigger guard were bent.
it was also missing the mag and mag release.

got it home and took it apart. submerged the pieces in a rust remover from lowes. the next morning i cleaned the gun with a dremel and reassembled.

the bolt still didn't go into battery, even on a rust free gun. i tried sanding and filing. still nothing. i eventually had to use a grinder to fit the bolt correctly.
order parts off of the internet. installed and took it to the firing range.
started w/ 1 round without the mag for about 5 shots. no problem
went to 2 rounds in the mag no problem. worked myself to about 30 rounds in the mag w/ out a hiccup.
now i have given it to a friend to be powder coated.
here are some pics so far. hopefully i get it back soon

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