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I picked one of them up a little over a year ago. I figured for the money, what they hay if it ended up being junk. Well it's not junk. In that year of time this gun has shot flawlessly. I have over 1500 rounds through it and it has NEVER, I repeat NEVER malfunctioned on factory ammo. It loves both Blazer and PMC. It shoots Speer Gold Dot like a champ and that's what I carry in it. This gun stays in my car normally, but in summer time it comes out more. It does malfunction regularly on my wife's reloads though. She loads them very light and it won't cycle them.
With Blazer ammo, I can group all 6 shots inside a 3" area at 20 ft. With an LCP or a Kel Tec I can barely even hit the paper.
Great little gun, but I think it is true; you may get a good one or you may not. I got very lucky.
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