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If you prove to me that a striker fired gun with a long trigger pull, trigger safety, no barrel bushing, and a short barrel shooting Satan's ammo (40 SW) is more accurate than a 5'' SAO 1911 45 ACP with a trigger job and match barrel, I will GIVE you my Wilson Combat.
I'm not sure why it would surprise anyone that an out of the box duty/style pistol isn't likely to outshoot a high-end pistol that's been given a trigger job and a match barrel.
Most plastic gun fans have never shot a 1911 or a real revolver.
If having a number of guns with plastic frames makes me a fan, then I don't fit your idea of a plastic gun fan. My first gun was a revolver and my first autopistol had a metal frame. In addition, I have shot (and own) a variety of revolvers and metal-framed guns. That includes shooting at least one 1911.

I find it interesting to see how many people apparently believe that if someone has a different opinion than they do on a particular topic, it must be due to lack of experience or ignorance.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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