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thedudeabides If you prove to me that a striker fired gun with a long trigger pull, trigger safety, no barrel bushing, and a short barrel shooting Satan's ammo (40 SW) is more accurate than a 5'' SAO 1911 45 ACP with a trigger job and match barrel, I will GIVE you my Wilson Combat.
If you can shoot seventeen times without reloading.....get back to me.
A Glock, HK, or SIG plastic pistol is accurate enough for anything a soldier or police officer will shoot at.

Most plastic gun fans have never shot a 1911 or a real revolver.
I have.
I own a dozen Hi Powers, four 1911's and six double action revolvers......any of which would be a fine choice for a carry gun......but I'll take any Glock as my carry gun (in any caliber) before i'll take any of my pretty guns.

1911 fanboys are every bit as obnoxious as Glock fanboys.
Need a FFL in Dallas/Plano/Allen/Frisco/McKinney ? Just EMAIL me. $20 transfers ($10 for CHL, active military,police,fire or schoolteachers)

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