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Old Roper, you make a good point about all the years I've been reloading. Everything I've got shoots just fine already, but all the chatter about what sizing method works better has me interested in what really works best for me, and can I do better. Over the last year or so I've transitioned to neck sizing from partial resizing because I thought it would increase accuracy. I didn't really check those rifles to see if accuracy really improved. That was a mistake (maybe), or maybe it just doesn't matter much. I've been loading and shooting all day, and reading all my old reload notes while the barrel cooled. On the 65 grain SGK bullets in my 223, all my great groups were with partial resizing. With the 40 gr Nosler BT's, my notes say "neck sized, but tried Partial and FL and can't see much diff. Groups from 1/2 to 3/4". So, maybe all this work I'm doing might not show a definite preference on sizing methods. Or maybe it will depend on each individual rifle.

My bullet chosen for this test, the 69 gr Sierra HPBT, just isn't shooting that well in this rifle. I've tried several powders and distance off the lands. I've got one promising load and I'll try it some tomorrow and tweak it a bit. If it wasn't for some minor vertical stringing, they'd all be in one hole. If I can't get what I want, I'll just switch to the 40 grain Noslers and do my test with them. I have hundreds of them.
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