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Disappointing End

Well it was a disappointing end to firearms season. Got up at 4:30 am to heavy rain. My buddy and I got to our spot and trekked up into the woods finally settling in around 6:30. Around 8:48 with not a single bit of movement and needing to be back at his place at buddy made a last ditch effort to circle around and run something up. No sooner did he get over the hill out of view, the massive doe, medium doe and good size buck we saw the other day went bolting across the open pasture at the bottom of the woods 200 yards out at a dead run for the woods across the way....ah well

The fourth member of their party did wasn't as lucky....we got it last Wednesday...Which provided this for tonight

along with Two big roasts an abundance of jerky, lots of burger an a nice pelt that is in the tanning process. We split everything 50/50 between his family and mine and use every bit that can be used.

<EDIT> yes, the time stamp on the pic is incorrect. Junky old camera resets every time you turn it off.

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