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got to admit at times a Hornady, or for that matter any progressive, can be a pain when it gets an attitude or a couple of flakes of powder in the wrong place. I had a primer slide issue this morning that was being caused by a single flake of Win 231 in the wrong place. Took me about 10 min to figure out I had something stopping the primer seating button from fully lowering which was keeping the primer slide from coming forward. After that I loaded 300 rounds of 9's in about a hour and a half without a hiccup.

Bottom line is unless you have some mechanical aptitude stick with a turret or manual indexing machine. No slam intended here, a couple of years ago I watched a truck air filter whup serious butt on 3 guys with 20 years of college between them.
“Only accurate rifles are interesting,” - Col. Townsend Whelen

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