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I believe you might find that this little H&R revolver is chambered for the .32 S&W Long cartridge. Look in the cylinder and see if you can see a shoulder in the chamber that is more than 3/4" from the loading end. Then if you can get a .32 Long round to try, and it fits the chamber, the gun will safely fire it. Both short and long rounds are still available and both are loaded to very safe pressures because a lot of older, weaker guns are still in firing condition. I think the 733 dates from somewhere in the middle of the 20th century and is definitely a smokeless powder gun. It has a solid frame which makes it stronger than the old top break revolvers from earlier times. There really is no reason to fire the short rounds in a gun chambered for the long because the shorts are less accurate and often even more expensive than the longs. It really won't need much maintenance. Just wipe it off with a soft cloth with a tiny amount of oil or furniture spray wax on it after you have fired it. The bore can be brushed out now and then - you can get a pistol cleaning kit for the tools - and put a light coat of oil in the bore. A thirty caliber brush will work if you can't find a thirty-two. I think you will have some fun with this one.

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