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How did you get introduced to firearms?

Hey guys, this might be a bit of a sentimental post, but i was just watching a youtube video for first time shooters, and the host said ''I hope you're not getting into shooting to be a tough guy." And that got me thinking about the fist experience i had with guns. I always idolized my uncle. He wasn't a rich man, but he was my favorite none the less. He had a really neat house, and as a little kid, the "secret passage" from his kitchen to his attic was the best. He always had hunting boats, hunting dogs, and a lot of shotguns. I figured, "If uncle Van likes guns, there must be something to it." And it was a love affair with guns from that. He gave me my first gun, and i went shooting with him for the first time. So, How did you guys first get introduced to firearms?
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