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It is pretty simple. If you modify your firearm then you better be able to articulate why. All my firearms have "trigger jobs" and I do not worry a single bit about it. I can articulate that I have done so to minimize the risk of an uninvolved party being struck with a projectile. I can also articulate the reason I use a JHP vs. a FMJ is to minimize the risk of overpenetration that could also cause an uninvolved party to be struck with a projectile.

We can all pretend that during a high stress situation we will hit out target every time with a heavy trigger because we go to the range and shoot on a regular basis, but the simple fact is that will not be the case. That has been proven time and time again. I have a family member who is an excellent shooter and has been a shooter for 30+ years. He was involved in a shooting at very close range with a revolver. Out of 3 shots fired, he hit his target 1 time. If it is a righteous shoot then it will not matter, if it is not a righteous shoot then it still does not matter.

We are allowed to have trigger jobs on our firearms if they are our personal weapons as long as the armorer inspects the work and determines it is safe.
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