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Most plastic gun fans have never shot a 1911 or a real revolver.
A version of this thread is almost always running on site, and a version of the above quote is usually there. A quality 1911 or revolver is a joy without a doubt, but while there are some (maybe many) who do not know what they are missing, most of us who hang out here know the value of both the above firearms and polymer framed weapons, AKA cheap Tupperware pistols. There is at least as much bloviating from the 1911 and steel revolver crowd as there is from the plastic perfection guys.

There is absolutely nothing better for me to tote around as a defensive weapon than my compact 9 mm polymer pistol. I don't understand why that offends anyone. It does exactly what it is designed to do very well at a reasonable cost. I do not care that the production methods have changed and the end product feels "cheap" to some. Please do not tell me my choice is uninformed-it is not. Use what you want. I will continue to enjoy all of the above.
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