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I have a question, how many of you guys with the negative remarks about WW actually own one and are talking from personal experience ? I don't own either one so I wouldn't give a bad rap to either one. All I can say is if you bought a WW in the last few years you got a Remington built one. When WW started up it was with all ne machinery and the old experienced Bushmaster workers. If that is good or bad I don't know.
All I can say is a couple friend have WW varmint exterminators and they are excellent shooting and very accurate, another friend bought a Colt MT6400c and he loves it, no malfunctions and very accurate. I don't know as that one is any better than the other. They all shoot, they all seem to be accurate so buy which ever one you like better or the one that fits your budget better. I wouldn't worry all that much about mil-spec either.
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