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I personally would spend the extra coin on the Colt, and I am not a Colt AR man. This is an email copied from another site. It was from Windham Weaponry themselves....

"Windham Weaponry responded:
Let me try to answer as best I can your 6 points.

1. Carpenter 158 bolts YES
2. HP and MP tested bolts YES
3. 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel YES
4. Mil Spec buffer tubes NO
Mil spec tubes use a smaller diameter tube than the actual diameter of the threads. This makes an extra process to turn the tube down to the mil-spec size rather than keeping it the same diameter all the way back. The walls of the commercial tube are therefore a little beefier. I've fired hundreds of thousands of rounds through AR15s and M16s with commercial spec tubes and have never had one fail. In the former company we all worked for (BFI), we had a test lower in the shooting room that we used for at least 10 years with the same commerical buffer tube on it. That lower probably had well over a million rounds through it without ever replacing the buffer tube. So in our experience there is no benefit to a mil spec buffer tube and is why we decided to go with the commercial spec tube. It's not as coslty to manufacture and is as strong or stronger than a mil spec tube.
5. F Marked front sight bases NO
We use standard front sight bases as this has become the "standard" really. The difference is only .040" and we have taller front sight posts in stock for those rifles that need more height on the front sight post. The majority of carry handles for flat tops are calibrated for standard front sight bases and that's the type of carry
handle we use. Any rear flip sight that needs a .040" taller sight can be easily accomodated with a taller post.
6. Staked locknuts on tele stocks NO
We would have more complaints if we did this than compliments. Some people want to be able to remove the stock if they want to install a different kind of endplate. Factory staking makes removal of the castle nut very difficult. Even without staking some people have a very hard time removing our tele stocks as we torque them on very tightly. Staking is a very easy process and takes 5 minutes to do. We leave this up to the customer to decide rather than making this decision for them. If someone buys one of our rifles and wants the lock nut staked we can do this for them if they so choose."

These are just a few reasons why the Colt is made better..
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