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I'm going to relay a conversation I had with my 10 YO the other morning.

I have a bunch of folders that I keep in a kitchen drawer. As I was putting one of them away, my boy says to me - "Dad, you keep all those knives in that draw, what if a BG broke in, found them, and tried to use one against one of us?".

I patted to the pistol I was wearing. . . His reply - "ok, got it."

It cracks me up that a 10 YO gets it but so many think that carrying at home is a sign of paranoia.

So, if someone was attempting to break in (or broke in) to my house or there was an issue in my backyard with coyotes attacking our pets/kids - how long would it take with the adrenaline flowing to open the safe or even open a "quick open" security box???

Someone wrote that they are in condition white at home - yes, condition white is a wonderful thing at home, but condition white is a very bad thing when the do-do hits the fan and your gun is upstairs in the nightstand or safe. The gun on my side allows me to be in condition white at home while letting me go to orange and armed in a second.

Carrying at home for me is no more a task than clicking in my seat belt when I get into a car. If carrying at home isn't for you, then by all means, don't.
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