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It sounds as all you and your wife had was a pushy sales rep, Pain in the ass yes, but NOT a threat to her life..
But they're getting worse all the time, on the phone AND on the porch. Last I had here was told from my chair, since screen door was only thing between us, "Not interested." He replied, "I can understand, sir, but if you would just..." I got up and confronted him, saying "What part of no don't you understand?" He argued that I didn't seem to which point I opened the door, got in his face and shouted GET TO HELL OFF MY PORCH BEFORE I THROW YOU OFF! He got the message, was giving me horrified looks while writing in a book, hopefull writing customer is an AH, do not visit. We've gotten far fewer visits since. I'M NOT INTERESTED DAMMIT!, is generally the last thing I have to say on the phone, also. It's gotten so old, it's taken pestering to a whole new level. Up north, since the front door is in another room, I simply don't answer it.
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