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Two lbs isn't practical. About 3/4-1 lb is possible if you consider the total weight including optcs, but can get expensive. If you want 2 lbs, sell it and buy a Kimber.

Your stock will probably weigh about 30-36 oz. The cheapest aftermarket stock that will save you any weight is a McMillan Edge. About 22-24 oz and $518. There are some other companies making 16 oz. stocks, but they are even more expensive. Going with a blind magazine vs floorplate will save you about 4 oz. Having a short action such as a 308 instead of long action in 30-06 will save you about 4 oz.

Look at your optics and mounts. Many common scopes are 16 oz or even more. Steel mounts are 6-8 oz. Going to a Leupold fixed 2.5X or 1-4X will get you down to 6 or 8 oz. for you scope. A 2-7x or 3-9X will be 10-11 oz. If you want lightweight don't even consider anything but Leupold. For mounts look at Talley lightweights or DNZ (2-3 oz).

Don't foget your sling. A Butler Creek Mountain sling weighs 4 oz. Many common slings I see hunters luggng around are as much as 2 lbs just for the carry strap.

You could shorten and flute a barrel, but the benefits are not worth the cost. Same with lightening the bolt handle. By the time you pay for all of the modifications you could buy a Kimber, have a better rifle, and have money left over. Mine is still under 6 lbs with scope and mounts.
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