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It makes me sad when I read about people in threads who get an automatic handgun, fire a few hundred rounds through it and sell it for being unreliable at a large loss. When Wolff gun springs can be had in + or - 10% flavors, etc. Ditto on recoil springs. They are easily replaced by the most mechanically inexperienced of us. The difference in the springs is usually enough to change the cycling dynamic of most pistols to make them feed favorably.

That said, a gun should work properly out of the box. But I do believe it has become an accepted truth that often the small pistols require some minor gun smithing or a change in your technique to run reliably. Only service sized pistols and revolvers are expected to run flawless from the get go it would seem.

I strongly encourage folks to at least try spring changes at about $10 a pop before losing $100 or more on the pistol by trading it in.
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