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Having had the chance to read the responses, I reckon I can comment on some of the other parts of hunting that people mentioned. Just don't take it personally if I don't like what you like.

I like being outside waiting for the sun to come up. I love listening to the sounds when I can't see.

I like the thrill of the first sighting, but there is always a little sorrow that goes along with the kill and from there to the freezer I could live without. I do my own butchering.

As far as the eating goes, I eat it all, but there are plenty of things I like better.

It isn't often I get to move out of the blind and stalk, but that's fun.

And I really enjoy doing something that I can talk about with others who like the same thing. I suppose that's the essence of a hobby for me. It's a vehicle for interaction with others.
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