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“Bart, the link is down as far as i can tell. Is that the only source to locate one of those dies that you know of?”

“SEhunter, I search the internet for a site that sells them; nothing showed up on this planet. I just checked his site and it doesn't show up. I've had this happen before referring it to someone then it's not available”

F. Guffey says your effort will not be wasted on L. Willis’ effort to keep his his brand of tools at the top of Google search. Again, I do not find it necessary to size the belted magnum case in front of the belt, I am the fan of using a wider belt or a more shallow belt cut in the chamber, but! if I size cases to off set the chamber length with the length of the case expect the portion of the case head that is not supported to expand, heavy loads can upset the diameter of the case head, heavy loads can upset the thickness of the case head from the head of the case to the bottom of the cup above the web?

And a case that fits the chamber can stretch even though the clearance between the shoulder of the case and shoulder of the chamber is .000”, and, when the clearance between the bolt face and case head is .000”.

F. Guffey

Again, there are shooters of magnum belted chambered rifles that never experience the do-nut in front of the belt, again, I had a new Model 70 Winchester rifle with the ugliest chamber I have ever seen, the most ‘unbrillient’ advise I had was size the case down in front of the belt so I could get the case stuffed into my die, I do not shoot cases from my dies, I shoot ammo from the chamber in my rifles, and I ask Winchester for a chamber that fit my dies or a set of dies that fit their chamber.

F. Guffey

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