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I think the biggest problem with guns shows lately, is that there are too many too close together. There is literally almost one every weekend in some areas. I think if they were spread out more there would be more demand. Plus, if there were fewer shows, the sellers wouldn't have to jack up their prices to cover their losses on all their table fees.

I must admit though, I really get a kick out of the sale tags at the shows that say "Gun show special, today only!" Those always make me laugh, since you can usually walk across the street and buy the same item, New, for around $50-$100 less. Even funnier when their item is used and they write "Rare" on the tag and there isn't anything "Rare" about it.

I've seen used Ruger 10/22s for $250 when every store was selling them for $200 new. The best has to be the used "Rare" WASR 10 for $600. Cuz we all know how "Rare" those are. Lol

I think a lot of the sellers just set high prices hoping that the news media and politics will bring someone along with more money than sense. They love to push the fear factor. Telling people they better buy now before its too late.

Like most will tell you, go to "look" at guns, find out what you like and don't like, then buy them somewhere else.

First everything was a deal, then everything but firearms. Now, reloading supplies is about all that's left. Everybody thinks they're sitting on bar of gold and they price it accordingly.

Now, for the people that argue that the market is setting the gun show prices, I have to ask: Who are the idiots that are setting these prices? Why are they willing to pay well above what it's really worth? Seriously, who would be dumb enough to buy a used item for more then the exact same item would cost new? Obviously it happens, why else would the sellers think they can get away with it?

So I guess the real answer to the question is: Sheer stupidity! On the part of the seller, and more so on the buyer, for perpetuating this problem and letting the sellers think its ok.

I understand to be in business, you need to turn a profit, but come on! You don't have to rip people off to stay in business. If you think you do, then maybe you're in the wrong business.
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