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When you read "I heard blah blah blah" you have to ask yourself, huh? How in the world would a revolver know what kind of powder you used? Some powders burn fast, some slow, that's what we have reloading manuals for. If what ever powder you use is loaded in the correct amount for that type of ammo there should be no problem. It's true that some powders burn cleaner than others but I don't see how that is harder on the gun, just means you may need a couple extra swabs at cleaning time. Some powders, especially stick, do not meter well so you may get inconsistent loads but they usually are on the light side so no damage there.
The 231/hp38 surely is a good choice and you should also check out Accurate #5, it is a very fine grain powder and thus very easy to get right on a consistent basis. It just seems to give me a very "crisp" feel but without more recoil. Kind of hard to describe but it works well for my loads in my pistols.
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