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.25 Auto

Stories abound.

I once had a friend who was eyewitness to a shooting involving the .25 Auto.
Center chest at a range of an estimated 15 feet. The guy immediately went to his knees...looked up and asked the shooter: "What'd I ever do you you?" and died.

Another one came from a cop friend. He arrived on the scene of a domestic disturbance, where it was determined that the lady of the house shot her significant other in the face with a Lorcin. The bullet glanced off his front teeth and exited under his cheekbone. The guy was already bloody from a fistfight with her younger brother, and didn't even realize that he'd been shot until one of the other cops noticed the entry and exit holes in his face.

So, it'll surely kill. An effective fight stopper? Not so much. Beats throwin' a handful of pea gravel, though.
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