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+1 on the recoil. I have had one for a few months. It developed FTF, FTRB and no trigger reset after just a few mags of 2 kinds of FMJ ammo. I called Taurus and explained the issues. The very nice woman who talked to me assured me that they expect it to function with any quality factory ammo. She offered to send me a prepaid shipping label and have FedEx pick it up at my door. They sent me an email acknowledging receipt of the pistol and saying it could take up to 6 weeks to repair it. Two weeks to the day later, I was signing to receive the gun. A+ for Taurus CS!

Repair slip says:

Problem Found Resolution

MISFIRE - Trigger bar releases hammer too soon..........REPLACED

MISFEED - Extractor calibration under specs..................ADJUSTED

MISFEED - Magazine lips calibration under specs............ADJUSTED

The last 2 were things covered in the sticky on I put one bullet in each of my 3 mags, and the bullet rides higher in the one I sent to them. Obviously, they opened the lips up a bit. I adjusted the other 2 to match. They did the needed adjustment to the extractor. The trigger bar replacement is not too much of a surprise. I knew there was something wrong in there.

BTW, the only time I heard the 'sproing' sound when dry firing was after the range session, before I sent it back.

I just put 19 rounds through it Yesterday: 7 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 90 gr JHP - perfect (interestingly, this is my chosen carry round and it has fed and fired every one that I have fed it since new); 6 rounds of Federal Champion 95 gr FMJ - 1 FTF (limp wrist, I think) but I tapped the back of the slide to get it chambered; 6 PMC Bronze 90 gr FMJ - 1 round the slide paused a second then finished chambering the round. I have crippled hands and wrists, so I am always limp wristing to a degree. I am not concerned with the couple of minor issues with range ammo which will probably clear up with more break in rounds. The fact that the CD ammo with the conical shaped bullets always performs 100% gives me confidence to carry the gun as a BUG.

I put a strip of hockey tape on the back of the grip to cushion it a bit. I want to try a pachmayr Grip Sleeve on it.

It's a surprizingly accurate gun at the range due to the soft, smooth trigger and the natural pointability. The sights are useless except in bright sunlight. I am going to paint the front one bright orange.

I paid well under $200 for this gun and I am very satisfied with it, and with Taurus.
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