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I've been looking at palmetto state. all of their A2 build it yourself kits are sold out and none of their pre-assembled rifles are A2 designs.

since smith and wesson likes to cater to the tacticool mall ninja crowd they do not make an A2 style rifle either.

I guess DPMS is the only game in town for under $1,000. the main gripe people have with DPMS is the bolt carrier group and the barrel. the bolt carrier is not rated for fully automatic fire and the barrel is not lined with chrome so it is going to go bad after 25,000 rounds instead of 100,000 rounds.

if you honestly plan on shooting that much then by all means buy a Colt since they are the only upper tier AR manufacture that I'm aware of that makes an A2 style AR15 however if you plan on being like the vast majority of AR15 owners and shoot a couple hundred rounds every few months then there is nothing wrong with a DPMS. I think that madcratebuilder summed them up quite well. they may not be milspec but from what I noticed on active duty, milspec is crap anyway.
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