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In some of the GS in AZ, I've seen "shot shells" for 38 spl/357 as well as some other cartridge sizes. I'm just curious if anyone has had any experience with these
I've used some in .22lr and .44mag.

The problem - at least with the older ones I have,,,maybe 25 to 30 years old,,is that the plastic case seems to disrupt whatever "pattern" they may throw.
Also, shot from a rifled barrel has a tendency to "doughnut" patterns like a doughnut w/a pretty good sized hole in the center w/no shot in it.
I'd heard/read that before I bought them - it was back around the time TC came out with a .410/.45 Colt barrel for the Contender.
An article I read at that time said TC addressed the issue w/a screw in choke.

I don't know if the Judge or the S&W guns do similar w/the .410 or not.

I did pattern both the .22 and the .44mag and there was a good sized hole in the center w/no pellet strikes out of the .44mag.
The shot from the .22 shot shell bounced off the cardboard box I was using so I have no idea how it "patterned".

I haven't bought any of it in years and it may have gotten better.
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