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I am one of the older shooters here and I can guarantee if I had to shoot then I will reload and reholster and I will look at the gun during both operations. It isn't can't reholster without looking because I usually do but target shooting isn't stressful and a shooting or armed confrontation is.

I will slow down and take the extra step to accommodate nerves and shaking hands. This isn't a TV show or movie where you have to be cool in front of the camera and that extra second to look at your holster is worth it. I wear suspenders too and I don't give two hoots and a holler what you skinny young guys wear or don't wear, you are looking good for your mates and I am just trying to get older. If you have to maintain a 360 degree high security status then you better not be putting your gun away.

All you little holster without looking or it isn't cool types can just come to the little hut in the woods and show me where I am wrong. I will learn from everybody and if you can explain how I am not a gunner because I look then fine but I have been holstering guns since the early 50's and have yet to shoot myself or drop a gun on the ground or miss the holster and have to try it again.
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