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Ive tried to support the LGS. When I lived in Texas City, I used to shop at Elite sound and security. I bought a G36+extra mags and ammo, then bought a PX4 .45, not to mention the accessories and ammo over time, went in again to look at a XDM 3.8 and was told I could not handle any guns unless I was going to buy right then, I explained that I had bought from them before and that if I was no longer allowed to handle the guns I would no longer shop there. The owners wife shrugged her shoulders and said we're doing fine without your business.

I now live in Baytown, the only real gun store here is Magnum Firearms about three blocks away. I tried a few times to compromise with the owner on prices but, they wouldnt budge. I tried to buy a Mini 30 mag from them. they were asking 55 +tax. I offered 35+tax (I know they are going for 26.00 from Buds). I was told that they were trying to run a business not a charity. I tried again later for what a transfer fee would be and was told $40. I explained that another guy down the street (Baytown Gunsmithing only has about 3 guns in the store 2 were consignments) was charging $20 they told me to go there.

Now, I mainly buy from other people or gun shows. I can play different tables off each other and get to handle whatever I want.
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