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You really don't have much choice in the OAL of revolver loads. Most bullets made for revolver calibers have cannelure rings made for crimping those bullets to prevent inertia from pulling those bullets from the cases. The gun fires, the bullets tend to stay put while the gun recoils backward, result; the bullet moves forward out of the case.

Yeah, I know all about case neck tension is more important that a crimp. That's the answer for MOST other applications in reloading/shooting, like rifle and semi-auto handguns. Most rifle rounds need no crimp,(the exception is the leverguns). Semi auto handgun need only to have the crimp cancel the case mouth belling.

Magnum handguns need a good hard roll crimp to prevent bullet creep. That means the OAL is pre-set by where the crimp groove/cannelure is, live with it!
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