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.45 Colt

Been a big fan of the .45 Colt for the past 30 years. 7.5" Blackhawk convertible (2), 5.5" Vaquero & Vaquero Bisley, & a pair of 4 5/8" Vaqueros (stainless). Also have a New Vaquero 5.5" in .45 Colt.

Never been much of a fan of the .44 Special. Nothing wrong with the round, its just that I have .44magnums, .45 Colts, & .357s, so I never had a need nor a desire for a handgun in .44 Special only. Likewise, the only .38Spl I have is a Colt Agent snubnose. I shoot the Specials out of the Magnums, but except for a very small gun, can't see the use for a Special only...

Just my opinion, and worth what you paid for it.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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