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Originally Posted by red96ta
And got a ticket. Had to explain that my license was in my work clothes, hadn't grabbed the new insurance card, and oh, yeah officer, there's a muzzleloader on the back seat of the car
I find that the gun being exposed on the back seat (and forgetting the insurance card) is really strangely coincidental. The gun being exposed on the back seat is strangely similar to the nipple being exposed due to the lack of proper seating, and forgetting the insurance card is just like forgetting to properly seat the nipples. Life lessons are strange like that sometimes. Try not to allow the nipples to be left exposed, just like leaving the gun on the back seat or forgetting the insurance card. Properly seating the cap on the nipple is a lot like having insurance, or in this case an insurance card when it's needed, whether it's to avoid a ticket or a chainfire. That can cause a double whammy!

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