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Look at it broadly...

Safety is ok but has little to do with why they want to take out guns.
Safety has EVERYTHING to do with why they want to take our guns!

Their safety, first and foremost, and public safety in their formal pronouncements. Every child "killed with a handgun", every one shot during any crime, is a SAFETY issue. And lets not forget all the money those pesky wildfires caused by shooters costs us!, etc...

The real problem is not guns, its what idiots do with guns. And since they long ago decided not to take away the idiots, (and have, apparently shaped the education system to produce more and more of them every year), the only answer to keeping us safe is to take away all the guns! And 16+oz soft drinks, etc., that seems to be their thinking.

Actual exploding ammo is, I believe, regulated by the BATFE. Incindierary/tracer ammo is allowed in most places, but its actual use is very risky due to the danger of fire. And any fire started by someone who either didn't know,didn't understand, or didn't care about the risk reflects back on ALL of us, in the eyes of many people.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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